The Official Licensing Partner of Mental

Mental is the first-ever digital brand for women that blends mental health and lifestyle. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this groundbreaking platform that moves beauty, style, tech and home products beyond self-care and re-imagines them as mental health management tools.

  • Synthetic-bristle mascara that speeds up the get-ready process when feeling anxious? Small win!
  • A chic ring to prevent skin picking? New idea!
  • Blue-light-blocking glasses to reduce bipolar symptoms? Proven!

The Mental seals not only empowers consumers to better manage their mental health with lifestyle solutions, but places your brand at the forefront of a movement that normalizes mental health in an entirely new way—a way that can change lives.

Seal and Quote Licensing

Use the seals and quotes on your website, social media, product packaging, in-store retail display, print marketing, advertising collateral and TV content.


Use your eprint on your website in PDF format, or in emails to showcase positive press.


Obtain permissions to use text and photos in textbooks, magazines, newsletters, presentations, on-screen and in educational settings.