Adweek Award Lists

Creative 100

Adweek’s Creative 100 celebrates the most innovative and visionary talent across advertising, marketing, social media, TV and streaming, visual art, literature, filmmaking and more. These figures are helping to shape culture while breaking new ground in their fields.

Champions of Change

Adweek’s Champions of Change Awards highlights the most powerful women in sports franchise. This years’ list awards the women and non-binary people making a difference in the worlds of sports and sports marketing, from players in the (literal) field to executives working behind the scenes to bring you the sports you love.

The Hot List

Adweek’s The Hot List honors the best in TV, media and digital and tech. The list evolves each year to recognize new media trends and this year is no different.

B2B Innovations Awards

Adweek’s B2B Innovation Awards has multiple categories recognizing the organizations and people devoted to bringing new ideas to life in the world of B2B advertising and marketing.

Media All-Stars

Adweek honors the individuals who represent the best, brightest and most strategic thinking across the media business with the Media All-Stars awards. Each year, the most innovative media and brand marketing professionals are given the title of Media All-Stars.

Media Agency of the Year

Adweek’s Media Agency of the Year recognizes Breakthrough, Global, and U.S. Agencies whose excellence positively disrupts the media industry. These trailblazing agencies pave the way for the next generation of greatness in the media.

Audio Awards

Adweek Audio Awards celebrate the best of the best, especially among shows aimed at professional audiences by recognizing the hard work, innovation, and creativity going into the podcasting medium.

Fastest Growing Agencies

Adweek’s Fastest Growing Agencies list honors agencies who have achieved significant growth over the past three years. It also recognizes agencies from all over the world, no matter their size, whose industry presence is on the rise.

Agency of the Year

Adweek’s Agency of the Year honors the advertising agencies that are setting the standard for where the industry is heading into 2024. Adweek values creativity, business results and, ultimately, how agencies treat their people because it’s the people who drive the business forward.

Media Plan of the Year

Media Plan of the Year celebrates the year’s most creative media plans and executions from around the globe, these winning strategies helped brands reach new markets. In an omnichannel world where anything can be an ad, the best media plans use this to their advantage to cut through the clutter and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Marketing Vanguard

Marketing Vanguard honors the leaders, advocates, and growth drivers of marketing agencies. Through their work, they are demonstrating the standard of effective marketing leadership and paving the way for the next generation of marketing leaders.

Experiential Awards

Adweek’s Experiential Awards honors the finest in experiential brand marketing by celebrating the creativity, originality, and entrepreneurialism coming out of this rapidly growing sector of the brand marketing ecosystem. Experiential activation continues to attract the biggest producers, executives and talent in the business who are deploying increasingly ambitious, and effective, brand campaigns.

AI Awards

Adweek announced its first annual AI Awards, honoring the pioneers of the media and marketing industry who are revolutionizing creativity and workflow with the power of generative AI.

Adweek 50

Adweek 50 spotlights the behind-the-scenes luminaries in advertising, marketing, media, and technology who were essential growth drivers in 2023. It’s about honoring the leaders who keep the operation running efficiently and profitably, and who put innovation and team culture at the fore.

Creator Visionary Awards

Adweek’s Creator Visionary Awards honors the innovative minds that have not only entertained us, but wholly shifted our approach to marketing, media, and connection. With an aim to carve out a differentiated space for themselves and their community of supporters, creators are often born of the very disruption that seasoned industry professionals strive for.